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Car Rental HYUNDAI ACCENT 2022

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Vehicle Details and Specifications

Hyundai Accent Basic is the ideal car choice when looking for a small sedan vehicle to rent. Among Hyundai vehicles, Hyundai Accent is known as #1 in rank
based on its score within the Subcompact Cars category. It offers a dignified styling, with a mature and contemporary appearance, and is fuel-efficient and
environmentally conscious. Enjoy a comfortable and spacious car ride with ample rear space and smooth driving manners for traveling long distances

Seats: 5
Transmission: Automatic
Engine: 1.6 L
Cylinder: 4
Doors: 4
Fuel: Petrol
Features: USB, Bluetooth, Aux

A reliable car rental driving experience

Renting a car is sometimes challenging when searching for a perfect compact that provides enough space for safe and comfortable travel. Benefits of driving
Hyundai Accent Basic:

A perfect choice, modern and stylish
Among the safest vehicles to drive on the road
Affordable and easy to maintain
Comfortable and spacious

Enjoy your driving with Strong Rent A Car

Strong Rent A Car offers top-quality customer service assistance and competitive rates on a wide range of rental cars in our (6) six accessible locations within
Qatar. Make your car booking online or via phone call with our customer sales representative and take advantage of our significant pre-pay deals and discounts.

Note: When booking online, a car is not guaranteed reserved but an equivalent car of the same category and value is booked.

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